Della is 1!! {personal}

It's been an entire of year of Della and I am definitely still a bit in shock about it! It's been one of the best years of my life and also the most tired year ever (no one can ever really prepare you for that). For those of you who may not know Della personally, let me just tell you a little bit about her. Della is an entertainer, she knows how to get in the center of a circle and capture everyone's attention. She is funny and loves to make you laugh. Having a big brother around means that she is into cars and trains and balls or pretty much anything she can throw at this point. She is such a happy baby and keeps us smiling all the time. It has been such a fun year watching her grow and seeing her personality develop (a personality that is so distinctly her own). And so to celebrate her, we threw a little garden party up on the roof of Metro (the site of the Hell's Kitchen Farm Project). After 3 years of winter birthday's with Jack, I was all too thrilled to throw an outdoor party for Della...90 degree weather and all. Hosting a party is one of my favorite things and it's one of my "love languages" (the intentional part of it all that is supposed to make someone feel special), so I loved getting the chance to do something like this for her (even though she will never remember it). Thank you to all of our friends who could make it and for so many of you who have been a part of this first year with us! Happy Birthday Della! I love you!!

**the theme was aqua and case you couldn't tell:)**

birthday cake for everyone!

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