1 Year Old Liza {Greensboro Children's Photographer}

Liza, how is it possible that you are 1? You were a much anticipated Greensboro baby and now you are strutting your way through life (literally). I am so happy to share this life with you (and your parents)!


1 week of Mia {Greensboro Newborn Photographer}

The year is only getting better with the addition of sweet baby Mia! She is a literal doll baby with expressive dark eyes and head full of hair that you can't help but touch. She has some pretty fantastic parents too! So grateful to have met you Mia, you have already made the world a better place.


all brand new! {Greensboro Newborn Photographer}

There is no better way to start off the new year than with a new baby! Sweet Dennis was born just before Christmas and I got to meet him the 2nd week of January. He was a perfect newborn for our time together with so much time awake and taking in his world and just as much time sleeping peacefully while we captured moments together with this new family of 3. Welcome to the world sweet Dennis...thank you for letting me be a part of your first few weeks in it!


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