8 day old Ethan {NYC Newborn Photographer | NJ Newborn Photographer}

Maybe it's the realization that I will soon be in the category of "family of four" or maybe it's because this little newborn has a 2 1/2 year old brother (just like our newborn will in a few short months), but either way this shoot definitely struck a cord with me. I'm so excited for you to meet 8 day old Ethan! He is as precious in person as he looks in these photos. And already this family of four seems like they've had it all together from day one. Big brother Ryan is showing Ethan how to do things already and avoiding him when he's bored with him:) And Sarah and Allen look far too rested to have two little boys in the house. I'm so excited to be able to spend this next year photographing Ethan (and the rest of the family)! You'll get to see his little face several more times, so I hope you're as ready as I am. For now, here's a little look at our "snowy" morning together.


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