Polke Family (Madison, NJ Family Photograher)

It was a perfect fall weekend for photo shoots and the Polke family home was the perfect place for it, with it's great backyard full of trees and lots of leaves. It was a bit cold, but by the way Tessa was running around, you would never have known. We spent most of our time chasing her around the house, but it all made for some really adorable photos. Thanks for a great morning Polke family!


Sopi and Jed (NYC Children's Photographer)

I love photographing kids, and Sopi and Jed are one of the reasons why. They each won me over within minutes of our meeting. Sopi with her big-sister-know-how and Jed with his green tongue from the lollipop he ate earlier in the afternoon. They were so sweet with each other and they make beautiful pictures...I hope this is only the first of our meetings. Thanks again for a great afternoon!


Balfe Family (NYC Family Photographer)

Today was a pretty cold fall day, thankfully the Balfe family braved through it. They were so much fun to photograph! Ryan is absolutely precious at 4 1/2 months and I had a lot of fun relating "new parent" stories with Kevin and Rebecca. I think Ryan may have been showing off a little bit because he even learned a new sound while we were together. Thanks again for a great afternoon! Enjoy the preview!


Oscar (NYC Newborn Photographer)

Oscar is here and he is absolutely precious! I met his mother (Laura Krey) last month at her maternity shoot and this was my first meeting with Oscar...I think we really hit it off. He loved my camera and the sound of the shutter at least, which is good since he'll be seeing so much of it this next year. I already feel so connected to this little man! There are so many great photos, but here are just a few for now.


Priscilla of Boston Runway Show

What a treat! It's Bridal Market in NYC and I had the chance to be a part of it. I was invited by The Bride Room of Nashville, TN to come photograph the Priscilla of Boston runway show . So many beautiful gowns! We had perfect seats (right next to the photographer's pit) so getting photos was all too easy. I could easily post a photo of each gown, but I'll show you just a few of my favorites...be sure to notice the finale!


Warner Family (Family Photographer)

What a beautiful family!! I can say this as a photographer and also as a sister...my brother has one amazing family! After my trip to Nashville, Jack and I headed east to spend a few days with my brother and his family. If your family is as spread out as mine, then you know how special these visits can be. The kids doted on Jack, Jack laughed at all their jokes, we stayed up late, and of course we scheduled a photo shoot. I miss you all already!

I had to throw in this one because it's what Eisen looked like most of the morning...he wasn't to into pictures.

Jack and the cousins...we had to sneak in one.


Crawford Family Preview (Nashville Family Photographer)

I photographed Margot and Malcolm last year right around this time, Margot was 3 and Malcolm was 1 1/2. When they were getting ready for the shoot today, Margot asked if we were going to go "play with the ladybugs on the bench like we did last year." A whole year later and she still remembered the ladybugs we saw at the end of our shoot. And while Malcolm may not have remembered the details from last year, I hope he'll remember that the song he sang to me this year was in fact "Single Ladies." Needless to say, these 2 have definitely won a place in my heart. Thanks for a great fall morning!

I had to show off this one because it shows just how fun they all are together.


Ansleigh: 2 Year Preview (Franklin Children's Photogapher)

Just when you think a child can't get any cuter, she does. Ansleigh is 2 years old now and even more adorable than the first time I met her at 3 months. She's got great style (already), a free spirit, and a truly adorable face. I love every session with Ansleigh and am so glad to continue to document her life through photos.


Allen Family (Nashville Family Photographer)

I love getting referrals from friends and clients because I know it's going to be a fun shoot. Today (thanks to good friend Jo Ellen) was just that. The Allen family was so much fun to photograph! Caroline is the perfect the big sister and Wilder definitely lives up to his name. With the promise of gummy bears and cupcakes, we got some pretty great shots. Thanks for a great afternoon!


Neha and Arushi (Nashville Children's Photographer)

Shhh...don't tell...this photo shoot is supposed to be a secret! As a gift to their parents (along with their good friend/caretaker), Neha and Arushi had their first professional photo shoot in 6 years! They are 8 years old, full of personality, and completely identical. They dressed themselves and said they each wore something different so that people (including themselves) could tell them apart. Thanks for a great morning girls! I think your parents are going to love their present.


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