Uraina {NYC Photographer}

Meet Uraina, a very fun and easy going personality. She is a woman of many trades, but her primary talents lie as a cabaret performer (look for an upcoming show announcement in 2012). This shoot was about capturing her life in this moment, and I had such a great time doing it. Thank you for such a fun afternoon, enjoy the preview!


Jennie's Cobble Hill Maternity Session {NYC Maternity Photographer}

You know those unbelievably adorable pregnant women who make pregnancy look effortless and fun? Well, that is Jennie. She is 34 weeks pregnant and could not be cuter! One look at her and you'll see exactly what I'm talking about. They have an adorable green nursery and the perfect Brooklyn street, so we spent our time in and around their Cobble Hill apartment. Thank you again Jennie and Christian for such a great afternoon!


Adi {NYC Newborn Photographer}

Sweet baby Adi...I seriously can't get enough of her! Last month I did a maternity session with her mom and now here she is! She made her presence on July 9th (just a few hours past her due date) and is the perfect addition the Henkel family. In her few short weeks here, she has made herself known as the perfect baby and one who will be adored and swooned over by everyone she meets. Adi, I am so glad to know you and thrilled that I will get to watch you grow!


Peter and Joey {NYC Photographer}

Meet my dear friends Peter and Joey. I met them shortly after our move to NYC 2 1/2 years ago and (sadly) this is their last day to be living in the city. They have called NY home for several years, but continued schooling (and maybe the beach) is calling them to South Florida (we'll hope only temporarily). So, as you can imagine, I was all too glad to monopolize one of their last few afternoons with such a fun photo shoot! We started in Soho and worked our way back up town to Central Park and their bench. I loved every single minute of it! We laughed a lot, gossiped a little, and did our best to capture some of their life in the city in a few photos. Peter and Joey, NY (and I) will miss you!


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