Mindy: Preview {NYC Portrait Photographer}

You know those people who are unable to take a bad photo? Well, that's Mindy. She is unbelievably photogenic (and apparently didn't know it either)! On top of being able to take a great photo, she's also an incredibly fun person making this a great afternoon mini-session in the Lotus Garden. I think her photos speak for themselves.


Allman Family {NYC Family Photographer}

I promise we "southerners" here in NYC don't looking for each other, but somehow we always find each other. Meet the Allman family, most recently from TN...sound familiar? Regardless of their southern roots, I loved photographing this family! You can see why on sweet Annabelle's face. We spent our morning together in the southern parts of Central Park and had a great time. Annabelle (who just turned 1) was perfect; blowing kisses, laughing, and crawling everywhere. Enjoy the preview!


Tiffany and Baby #2 {NYC Maternity Photographer}

A couple weeks ago I got together with my friend Tiffany to photograph her adorable pregnant belly (you've seen her before on this Blog). This is baby #2 for the Henkel family, a time when most may not think to be photographed (probably because they did it the first pregnancy). I know from watching Tiffany through this experience that it's much different than the first time around (mostly because you have an idea of what to expect this time), so I was thrilled to be able to take some time to focus on this pregnancy alone with her. Baby Henkel is scheduled to arrive any day now, perhaps blogging about it will help his/her arrival to come even that much sooner:) Thanks again for a great day Tiffany, I can't wait to meet this new little baby!


Whatley Family in NYC {NYC Family Photographer}

Who ever said that middle school boys don't like to be photographed? Meet the Whatley's and you will quickly learn that this might just be the most fun age to photograph! The Whatley's are visiting NYC for a week and thanks to Jennifer's brother Jerry (my good friend), they set up a fun afternoon shoot with me to document their time here. They were up for anything...running through NYC streets, posing in the middle of crowds, and moving locations about every 10 minutes. Thanks for a great afternoon, I hope you enjoy the rest of your time in the city!


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