Jim and Emily's Wedding on the Highline {NYC Wedding Photographer}

Where do I start? I was absolutely thrilled to be a part of Jim and Emily's Highline wedding! Jim and Emily have been together for 11 years, the last 5 of which have been spent here in NY. And on their last weekend in the city before moving back to Portland, they felt a wedding was the perfect way to celebrate their time in NY. It was a spontaneous and intimate affair, performed by a close friend who's a minister and attended by she and her family. Jim and Emily's families found out the plan just days before and most friends found out once facebook came into play after the ceremony was finished:) I loved being in on the "secret" and loved even more capturing the emotions of the day...thank you for trusting me to be a part of your day!

husband and wife!

facebook official:)

2 of the 5 witnesses...the cutest ones for sure

they tried to tell me they weren't photogenic, I respectfully disagree...

besides being a good looking couple, they never stop laughing together making my job all too easy

post-wedding popsicle...a wedding tradition in the making I'm sure

Congratulations Jim and Emily! So happy for you both!


featured on Lela New York Wedding Blog

So excited to see Alexandra and Don's engagement session on Lela New York's Wedding Blog today! I loved my engagement session with them and love that Lela liked it too! Can't wait for more photos of these two at their wedding this August!


spring morning with the Machen family {NYC Family Photographer}

I could not have asked for a better morning to meet the Machen family! Spring is in full bloom and there was so much activity throughout the park only adding to the fun energy that Chloe and Huntley brought with them. At 2.5 and 1.5 we were definitely not short on energy:) It was a great morning and there are so many adorable photos...here are just a few!



Spring is a time to break out and try new things (at least that's what the weather makes me feel like). If you're as lucky as us NY'ers, then you probably broke out of your winter blues some time ago. Even though it wasn't a particularly harsh winter (thank goodness), I was still all too grateful to see the truly cold temperatures leave us. So, in honor of this past month and the beautiful weather and all that comes with it, I am finding myself full of new energy and ready to take on all that comes my way in the next few months (probably a good thing too since these next few months promise a baby girl to the Sherouse house). And just because no post can go without a photo, here's a favorite spring shot from a recent walk through the East Village.


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