Emily's Senior Session in Summerfield {Greensboro Photographer}

Emily's senior session was just SO MUCH FUN! She never stops smiling (and I literally mean never), she laughs on command (a real genuine laughter too...not an easy task if you ask me), and looks absolutely adorable for every single photo. What's not to love about this senior session out on the farm in Summerfield? Thanks for such a fun afternoon Emily!!


Della is TWO!!

It's so cliche to say, but it's just so true...where has two years gone? Della celebrated her 2nd birthday this past weekend and I had to stop for just a moment (literally just one moment because Della never stops for longer than that) to think about all that this last year has held for this little girl. I hate to admit it, but the truth is her 2nd year went by faster that Jack's did for me. I suppose that is just the way it is when you have multiple kids...you're trying to keep up with both of them and trying to mark milestones for each of them...you're bound to miss something somewhere I suppose. She has a had a big year though, from learning to walk to learning to run and jump, learning how to defend herself against a big brother who is constantly conniving his way into hoarding all the toys (even the few that are rightfully hers), learning to talk (she was the world's best babbler for a long time and now those babbles are full sentences), demanding attention at every turn (she is 100% happy when she has 100% of your attention), refusing to sit high chairs or anything but a "big girl seat" just like her brother, learning to walk alone up and downstairs regardless of how many times she falls, showing us just how much she loves to color and paint and draw and doing anything else that might "create" something new...even if when she's done that means she tears it all up. Turning 2 is a big deal and I am fully ready for it. My smart, opinionated, determined, loving child is sure to prove that 2 suits her just fine. She can handle whatever comes her way, but will always ask to "hold you" when she just wants a little bit of extra closeness in her day. Happy birthday Della!! Words cannot describe just how much I love you!!!

(Oh, and in honor of her birthday...a 10 minute session with some fun balloons was completely necessary...also, within 10 minutes all of those balloons had popped by touching the grass.)

if you're still reading this far down...that's a baby bump there in my belly...baby #3 coming early January (hopefully late December)


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