beautiful 5 week old Henrietta {NYC Baby Photographer}

Henrietta is such a beautiful baby! At 5 weeks her sweet face already has such a distinct and (dare I say it) mature look. And she is happy! She was awake the whole session long and soaking up the attention the whole time. I think 5 weeks is such a fun transitional age to be a part of because a baby is so close to doing so many new things (smiling, cooing, rolling over even). It's sort of the moment they change from newborn to infant. And it's also a fun time to be with new parents too because while they are still sleep deprived (that blessed extra part of this phase of life), they've learned already how to be a parent to this new baby and can define their coos and cries already. I think you can tell I had a great time at this shoot. Maia, Gabe, and Henrietta thank you for letting be a part of this sweet time with you! Enjoy the preview!!


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