I realize so many photographers say this, but it's completely true...I have loved taking photos since the day I got my first camera. It has been my way to document life and the people in it. It wasn't until about 5 years ago though that I realized photography (as a profession) was something I really wanted to do. And thank goodness I did because I love what I do! I love being around people and sharing in their lives. I love capturing people at their best. Whether it's photographing a baby every 3 months during their first year or spending the day documenting a couple's love at their wedding, I love having the chance to tell their story through photos.

Some more about me...

- There are 2 true loves in my life. My husband Alan with whom I am still completely infatuated with after 8 (yes 8) years of marriage and Jack...the sweetest, cutest, happiest baby I could ever ask for who entered our lives on February 22, 2010. Really, what more could a girl ask for.
- I love tea, especially Starbucks (my husband calls it an addiction, but I wouldn't go that far).
- I am a Florida girl at heart. I would definitely miss the seasons I've grown to love in NY, TN and NC, but being on the beach in the middle of January is something to wish for again.
- I love to travel! Europe is my ideal/dream destination, so we're working on getting there every few years (so far London, Vienna, Prague, and Salzburg). But I also just love to travel to the unknown small towns around me.
- I'm a sucker for flea markets and the run down antique shops...that's where the real treasure is.
- I have the best family in the world (on both sides)!


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