Jack and Della...oh how I love them!! {personal}

Jack is 3!! THREE!! How did this happen?! And today, Della is 9 months old!! I seriously can't believe both of these things have happened! I feel so lucky to have them both in my life. I seriously can't imagine anything better. Don't get me wrong, I do a lot of complaining (to Alan mostly) about how tired I am and how exhausting this phase of 2 children is...really I just want a big THANK YOU to be said every day to me and maybe I'd like an extra spa day or two along the way...what's so wrong with that? :) But, I wouldn't have it any other way. Becoming a parent to Jack was one of the greatest thrills of my life and while it took a little convincing to be ready for baby #2 (not sure if I was ready or not, but who knows when you ever really are), Della is absolutely the best addition to our family.  She is happy (that smile cannot be contained) and she totally knows how to get her way too. And the two of them together?? I promise you won't find a better brother and sister...the photos don't lie, they really do love each other that much. Jack and Della...I love you more than words can say!!

my handsome little man...

they love him so much!


I'll be hold him like this forever right? Please don't grow up!!

Yes, this is how they really are together...not just for photos:)


Harlow: 3 Months {NYC Baby Photographer}

Oh sweet Harlow...you might be the most photogenic baby ever! Some babies just have that "look"...the one that looks great in every photo. And not just because they're adorable, but because somehow they know how to stare right into the camera (yes, even at 3 months) as if they know exactly what they're doing. And Harlow should, she's well trained. If you follow Ilana on her blog (mommyshorts) and especially if you follow her on instagram, then you know just what I'm talking about. Harlow is already well versed in the art of baby photos:) I'm so glad I get to document this first year with you Harlow! Not only are you adorable in photos, but your family is pretty fantastic too! This year is about the stages of Harlow most definitely, but it's also the stages of a growing family too. I can't wait to see you all again in just a few more months!


Joshua and Vanessa's Tribeca Rooftop Wedding {NYC Wedding Photographer}

Such a beautiful wedding!! I'm not sure I can say that enough! Everything was planned to perfection...from the dress, to the venue (you will not find anything better than Tribeca Rooftop), to the flowers...it was all perfect. But to me the most beautiful part was seeing how many people were included in it. The day was built around Josh and Vanessa's family and friends and making everyone feel a part of this very special moment in their lives. And I'll tell you too that from watching the 9 (yes 9) flower girls dance all night long, you know they felt a special part of the day too (some of them might have even felt like it was actually their day:)). Josh and Vanessa, I was thrilled to be a part of this day with you and I'm so happy for you both!

I love getting ready photos and you have to feel a little lucky as a photographer when the getting ready is happening in a photo studio...

in case you're wondering, Vanessa made this belt herself!!

simply stunning

the handsome groom

notice the custom date on the back of these...

the first look:)

the day was indeed perfect, it was also freezing, so we opted for indoor photos in Grand Central Terminal...I couldn't have been happier

my favorite

have you ever seen a more adorable group of flower girls?

I LOVED the styles of these bridesmaids dresses!! All 3 were just perfect!!

2nd favorite photo of the day...

the 2nd "first look" of the day...always my favorite moment

Tribeca Rooftop is an amazing venue...the entire floor was used for the ceremony site, cocktail hour and reception site...just beautiful!

the table centerpieces were perfect

My very best to you Josh and Vanessa!


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