Jack's 80th Birthday Preview (NY Family Photographer)

It's not often that I get to photograph multiple generations at once, but Jack's 80th birthday party gave me just that. I know how important this is to me and my family, so I loved being able to interact with Jack and his family for a little while this past Saturday. Thank you for letting me be a part of the celebration!


Gleason Family (NYC Family Photographer)

I love my photo shoots with the Gleason family! The last time I saw them, Julia was a sweet newborn...now she is a happy, excited 5 month old. It's amazing how much they change in such a few short months, it only makes me more excited for our next meeting! Happy Holidays Gleason family!


Favorite Photo Ever

Yes, it's true. I have officially taken my favorite photo to date. It's only fitting that it be of JACK, right? Jack is officially 8 months old (where 8 months have gone, I still have no idea). We decided to take a family day trip out of the city to Cold Spring. It was the perfect getaway too, a quaint town, lots of antique stores, perfect fall weather, fall leaves everywhere...did I mention it was the perfect getaway? It also happened to have countless places that I would love to use for a photo shoot, but this particular spot caught my eye immediately (I'll let the picture tell you why) and with the perfect subject I really couldn't go wrong.


Audrey and Aiden (NYC Engagement Photographer)

I love it when I feel connected to a couple before I even meet them. Thanks to a mutual friend connection, this shoot was just that. Audrey and Aiden were so much fun to photograph! They were up for anything, laughed constantly, and made themselves perfectly comfortable in front of the camera from the first moment. We had a great afternoon and we have some great photos to prove it. Enjoy the preview!


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