Anna's last days of being a senior! {Greensboro Senior Photographer}

Senior photo sessions are just plain fun. And this one was no exception. I have known Anna since we moved to Greensboro and she might know my family a little too well since she has been our go to babysitter these last 2 1/2 years (who knows what the kids have told her when we're not around). I'm still in denial that after this summer she won't be able to be my first text when I need someone to watch the kids. And I'm pretty sure my kids won't accept this change very well either. Anna, it is safe to say that we love you around here. And while we are sad that college will take you away from us, we're so excited for you and this amazing next step in life. Thanks for a fun afternoon together!


1 week of Lydia {Greensboro Newborn Photographer}

So much joy in the Pate house with Lydia here now! She is such a beautiful baby and was perfect for our shoot in every way...I swear I never even heard a sound from her (not that I would have minded if I had). James and Erin are so obviously in love with her and it completely shows in photos. Thank you for letting me be a part of Lydia's first week of life! I am so happy to know her. 


4 months of Shep {Greensboro Children Photographer}

Now, I am the lucky one because I get to see Shep pretty often. As neighbors and friends, I will get to watch this little guy grow up. But getting to photograph him in the process is pretty special too. He is an old soul trapped in a 4 month olds body (I mean, just look at that bald head and knowing stare). And truly, he is such a sweet baby. I can't wait for our next round of photos in just 4 months!



last days of being 3 {Greensboro Family Photographer}

I first met the Nabors family when Ashe was just a few days old. He is running and laughing now and will be a proud big brother in just a few weeks. Sarah told me she wanted to capture "Ashe being Ashe" and to have photos of their relationship with just him before his baby sister arrives. That's pretty much the best description of any photo shoot I could ask for. I'm so happy to have shared this time with you all...can't wait to hear the good news of Ashe's little sister!


Farless Family of 5! {Greensboro Newborn Photographer}

I know I've said it before, but I really love watching families grow. And getting to be a part of the first days with a new baby in the house is truly an honor for me. After your first baby, you see a newborn so differently as you look at them through your eyes and also the eyes of your kids and whatever stage they are in as well. It's magical...and let's be honest, a little exhausting too. Sweet baby John, you have so much love in your house. Welcome to the world of 5 Farless family! You all are pros already:)


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