becoming 4: the Elliott family {Greensboro Newborn Photographer}

Bringing home a new baby is full of so much love and excitement. Bringing home new baby #2 is all of those same feelings mixed with the anticipation of how your oldest will take on their new role as big brother/sister. I love watching a family settle into their new life as 4. While I know (personally) the challenges of adjusting are real, I find parents always look like pros during my my time with them in these first days. The Elliott family definitely looked like the well adjusted family of 4. Harper is just 13 days old here and was such a sweet newborn to photograph. Big brother Ethan could not have been more excited to show off in his new role either. So happy for all of you! Thank you for letting me be a part of this special time!


sweet 6 day old Elizabeth {Greensboro Newborn Photographer}

Meet 6 day old Elizabeth...she is one of the sweetest newborns I have ever met. She cried once (and I'm pretty sure it was because I un-swaddled her), she smiled a little, slept a lot, and made me completely sentimental for those first days at home with a new baby. Annie and Chris (her parents) are complete naturals too and so unbelievably in love with this tiny little girl. So excited to have met her and so glad to share a few of her photos here! Can't wait to watch you grow Elizabeth!


all the Collie's in one photo shoot {Greensboro Family Photographer}

Large family photo shoots get me every time! I love being around grandparents with their grandkids, parents and grown children, cousins's just good! My family is incredibly spread out (we are in 4 separate states!), so I know just how precious time all together is. Thank you Collie family for letting me be a part of your family time...enjoy the photos!


38 weeks and glowing: a mini maternity session {Greensboro Maternity Photographer}

This sweet couple is about to have a baby any day! Kanako is nearly 39 weeks pregnant in these photos and she is about the prettiest pregnant woman you could meet. I always love maternity sessions, but something about the timing of this one made it feel even more exciting as news of their baby can come any day! Thank you for taking time with me in your final days of pregnancy...I loved every minute!


an afternoon with Virginia {Greensboro Senior Photographer}

Senior photos are definitely a favorite of mine...I love seeing the uniqueness of each person and also getting to know a bit more of their style. Not to mention, senior year and graduation is such a huge part of life, so it's fun to be a part of it even for a moment. Thank you Virginia for such a fun afternoon!! And thank you for bringing back MASH into photos:)


an afternoon (and a morning) with Ryenne {Greensboro Senior Photographer}

I am just in love with Ryenne's senior session! It took an afternoon and a morning to finish (complete downpour the first time around postponed the 2nd half for another day)...the wait was totally worth it though! Thank you Ryenne for being patient and also for being willing to climb through empty fields and forgotten buildings. Can't wait for you to see the rest!


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