so nice to finally meet you Vera! {NYC Newborn Photographer}

This meeting has been much anticipated for the last 9 months! Vera is the new daughter of some of my closest friends Leighanne and Adam. Leighanne and I found out we were pregnant at the same time due just weeks apart, then found out we were both having was such a special time for me to share with her...I had someone to complain to and be overly emotional with without having to explain my pregnant self once:) I could not be happier for this new family of 3! It's such a special thing to watch a family be re-defined, but even more special when it's a close friend. In their short week together with Vera and in my even shorter time being able to watch them together it has been so sweet and unexplainably special to see them fall in love with this new little girl, to watch the ways it is changing them as only a new baby can. Vera, I am so glad to know you and so happy that I get to see you grow. Leighanne and Adam, thank you for letting me be a part of this amazing time with you!

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