Milkshakes and Balloons: Adam and Leighanne's Preview {NYC Photographer}

This blog post is actually really hard for me because it's supposed to be a preview and I honestly want to show you every single photo we took at Adam and Leighanne's shoot! Obviously, I had a great time:) Adam and Leighanne are very good friends of mine. We met shortly after our move to NYC (at Adam's 30th birthday party actually) and have been friends ever since, so I was thrilled when they asked me to do a shoot with them. I loved the idea of doing a "love shoot" (a name you hear given when you need a name for a couple shoot that's not centered around engagement, wedding or maternity photos) with them and loved even more the way they embraced the fun of the day! We started our time with a milkshake at La Bonbonniere in the West Village, ventured around the Meat Packing District and then worked our way uptown to the Hudson River Park with some red balloons for some really fun photos by the water (one of my favorite places in the city). They laughed, flirted, pretended to be serious when I asked them to and I loved the whole afternoon! I wasn't kidding when I said it was hard to just show you a few, but here's my best attempt...

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