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A large part of my photography business is filled with kids and their families (as you can well tell), but I also really love doing weddings! I love the chance to enter into such an emotional and joyous day with a couple. I only take a limited number of weddings per year (although that number is definitely growing), which keeps my contact with each couple incredibly detailed and personal...something I will strive to keep the same regardless of how many weddings I am privileged to do each year. 

Something I get asked a lot is "do you travel for weddings?" The answer is emphatically "YES!" I love the chance to travel somewhere new and photograph in a new setting. At this point, I'd say that near half of the weddings I'm a part of are out of the New York area. I keep my travel costs to a minimum, so don't hesitate to give me a call (or tell your engaged friends to give me a call). 

Now, I have to share that part of my interest in this blog post today comes from my most recent wedding booking with Lucy + Brad. This wedding is already very personal to me, because Lucy was my doctor in Nashville:) Even more personal than that, she's the one who told me I was pregnant with Jack...a memory I will keep forever! Needless to say, her call was an incredible surprise and complete joy for me. I am already so excited for October 20, 2012!!

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