Friday's Favorite Things | On To Baby (NYC Children's Photographer)

I have an enormous list of blogs I follow throughout the week including photoblogs, wedding blogs, mommy/baby blogs, and the list goes on. But I have a new favorite that just came out this week and I just had to share it with you. The name is On To Baby and the concept is genius. It comes from the founders of  The Wedding Chicks (a wedding style and inspiration blog), who (as they tell you on their site) both got pregnant this last year and thought their thoughtful and stylish approach to helping brides plan their weddings could be applied to expectant mothers too and so On to Baby is now here to do just that. As a children's photographer, creative personality, and mother too, this blog is so much of what I love put together in one site. Check them out for creative nursery ideas, birthday parties, photo shoots and might just be inspired yourself:)

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