Harlow: 3 Months {NYC Baby Photographer}

Oh sweet Harlow...you might be the most photogenic baby ever! Some babies just have that "look"...the one that looks great in every photo. And not just because they're adorable, but because somehow they know how to stare right into the camera (yes, even at 3 months) as if they know exactly what they're doing. And Harlow should, she's well trained. If you follow Ilana on her blog (mommyshorts) and especially if you follow her on instagram, then you know just what I'm talking about. Harlow is already well versed in the art of baby photos:) I'm so glad I get to document this first year with you Harlow! Not only are you adorable in photos, but your family is pretty fantastic too! This year is about the stages of Harlow most definitely, but it's also the stages of a growing family too. I can't wait to see you all again in just a few more months!

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