an afternoon with JACK {personal}

I am 9 months pregnant and while most of the time I am simply wishing that this new baby girl make her arrival quickly, I am also trying to take in my last days of being a mother to just one. Jack is 2 years and 4 months old now and while at times it's hard to believe he's that old, I also find that it's even harder to remember life without him! He defines so much of my life in all the ways I hoped he would. He makes a better person as I hope to model a life that will inspire and encourage him throughout his life. He is funny, incredibly loving, smart (which makes him opinionated and perhaps a little bossy too), and just all around fun! So, here in my last days of being to mother just one, I spent a short afternoon trying to capture all the little ways that he makes me smile on camera. I love you Jack!

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