Jack's Very Orange Birthday Brunch | Personal (NYC Children's Photographer)

The 1st birthday party has officially come and gone and it was such a fun day! Jack's Very Orange Birthday Brunch was inspired by the Jack's favorite color of the moment...you guessed it, orange. For weeks all I could see was orange. I would walk into a store and see orange items and wonder how they could fit into his party. In truth, the details were far more simple than I intended for them to be (probably for the best), but the prominence of the color orange still stood out:) The day was filled with great friends, a very large cupcake, and even a photo booth. Here's a small look at Jack's first birthday bash.

My parents came up for the celebration...I'm not sure they knew it also meant a weekend of work:) Thanks for being here Grams and Grandpa!

Casey and Sarah (March 8, 2011 at 3:46 PM)  

OH MY GOSH! So hilarious! Totally did NOT expect to see pic of Jack covered in bday cake! Hilarious! Everyone was so poised and graceful in the previous one. ADORSIES! Love you guys!

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