the even more adorable 8 month old Ethan! {NYC Baby Photographer}

I realize I say this all the time, but it's totally true...I love being a part of a baby's first year! Each meeting just gets better and better. Ethan, of course, is no exception. I love getting to see him every few months! He is now 8 months old (yes, a year goes by that fast) and unbelievably happy. He's still a little chunk too (and I mean this in the best way possible too...I love his chubby little legs). Ethan (along with his wonderful parents and super big brother) met me in Central Park for what turned into the perfect October Saturday. So many great photos, but here's just a few of my initial favorites. Enjoy!

I couldn't resist just one shirtless photo during his outfit change:)

**One sidenote: my sessions with Ethan are definitely focused on him, but Ryan (the big brother) gets a cameo each session too. All of that to say, he's gotten to know me as I have him and this summer they had a photo session on the beach with another photographer. As they were getting dressed for the session, Ryan didn't want to wear the shirt his mom had picked out for him. She explained that they were going to have their photos taken and he needed to wear it. Ryan responded: "with Jenny?" Sarah jumped on this and said: "No, not with Jenny this time, but she said that we had to look our best for this photographer too." Ryan promptly put on his new shirt:)**

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