Friday's Favorite Things #1 | Personal (NYC Photographer)

Friday's Favorite Things...something new I'd like to share with you each week. This week is a bit more personal, but each week is different, so you never know what you might find on Friday's.

It seems the snow fall is never going to stop in NYC this winter! In truth, I don't really mind snow, but I'll be honest, winter with an infant has not proved to be my favorite thing. It makes getting around the city with a stroller or an ergo carrier a bit cumbersome. Add that to all the layers that exist between my own winter clothing and his and you have one bundled mess. BUT this Blog post is called "favorite things", so let me tell me what I do like. I love when there's a lot of snow and for a moment the whole city is covered in white. I love that everyone heads outside to sled (little kids and big kids alike). And this past snowfall I got to introduce Jack to all of that. He and I headed to Riverside Park to meet a friend for Jack's first sledding experience (a great place to be on a snowy day by the way...the parks and recreation staff set up the hills for sledding and make hot chocolate for everyone). He loved the action of all the kids screaming and running around him and while a bit perplexed by the sled itself, he loved being pulled around with me on it. Here's just a glimpse of our first sled together.

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